The Busch Trio together with Maria Milstein have embarked on realising an ambitious dream to create a chamber music centre. The motivation for this project began after experiencing first hand the challenges young musicians face at the start of their careers. This space offers musicians the chance to work, study and perform in spacious surroundings, creating a sense of community.

MuziekHaven will be based in the historic Schuurkerk (Barn Church) in Zaandam. With its 3-storey rectory and large garden, this space lends itself to fostering artistic devotion, allowing young chamber musicians to enter a place of their own where developing their identity, unity and musical path is made easier. It will be adapted to include several rehearsal spaces, a musicians’ meeting place, bedrooms for visiting musicians and a concert hall with superb acoustics, suitable for recordings. We look forward to hosting musicians for intense residencies, masterclasses, concerts, educational workshops and much more, only a short ride away from Amsterdam.

This project is about giving musicians the chance to enjoy ideal conditions and to dedicate themselves to excellence. Mathieu van Bellen, Maria Milstein, Omri Epstein and Ori Epstein are brought together by a deep friendship, a shared passion for chamber music and a commitment to working towards a better musical environment in the Netherlands and beyond.